Most In-Demand Jobs in the Year 2022


Most in-demand jobs in some popular destinations for skilled workers from Nigeria or overseas. This list was pulled from Linked Jobs on the Rise Reports for 2022. This report lists the fastest-growing jobs in the world so that you can explore job trends and skills now emerging in the global labor market. This should also help you in planning for the future of work and the skills you need to acquire to broaden your chances in these destinations.


Most in-demand jobs in THE UNITED STATES

Vaccine specialists

Diversity and inclusion manager

Customer marketing manager

 Machine learning engineer

Process development engineer

Business development representative

Search marketing manager

User experience researcher

Business system administrator

Analyst relations specialist

Technical product manager

Talent acquisition specialist

Head of financial planning

Surgical intensive care nurse

Back-end developer

Mergers and acquisition manager

Post-partum nurse

Enterprise account director

Customer’s solutions engineer

Land development manager

Site reliability engineer

Molecular Biologist

Head of sales operation

Strategic sales specialist

The chief human resource officer

Most in-demand jobs in THE UNITED KINGDOM

Machine Learning Engineer

Import Specialist

 Business Development Representative

Chief Human Resources Officer

Site Reliability Engineer

Sustainability Manager

Career Counsellor

Content Designer

Client Solutions Manager

Network Planner

Laboratory Scientist

Diversity and Inclusion Manager

Talent Acquisition Specialist

Salesforce Administrator

Computer Vision Engineer

Data Engineer

Back End Developer

Public Health Officer

Healthcare Supporting Staff

Most in-demand jobs in CANADA

Data Scientists

Data Science Managers

Data Research Analysts

Machine Learning Specialist

Public Health Nurses

Public health Specialists

Data Engineer

E-commerce Coordinators

Business Development Representative

UX Researcher

User Experience Analyst

User Experience Specialist.

Most in-demand jobs in SAUDI ARABIA

Cybersecurity specialist

Legal specialist

Human resource operations specialist

Talent acquisition specialist

User experience designer

Most in-demand jobs in THE UNITED ARAB EMIRATES

Specialized Medical Professionals

Digital Content Freelancers

Healthcare Supporting Staff

E-Commerce and Digital Marketing Specialists

Web Developer

Frontend Developer

User Interface Designer

Product Design Consultant

Cyber Security Analyst

Biomedical Engineer

Marine Engineer

Materials Engineer

Audio Engineer

Machine Learning Engineer


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