Learn Data Science by Discovering Yourself

Learn data science by discovering yourself using several considerations. In this article we outlined some tips on how you can discover yourself to inspire you on your learning journey in data science!

What is your General Interest?

Find out what your general interest in data science is. If you are interested in learning how to use data for marketing or business purposes, then you should be interested in marketing or business analytics. If you want to learn about how to write software that uses machine learning algorithms or machine intelligence in any area, then you should be interested in machine learning engineering. If you enjoy learning facts through graphs and charts, you should consider data visualization or storytelling as your specialization.

What is your Personality Type?

Next, consider your personality type. Each person has different interests, preferences, and strengths that set them apart from others. An individual may be great at gathering information from others; another person may be better at attention to detail and outcome. Understanding yourself will help you make a good decision when choosing a specific niche to focus on in data science. Generally, data science requires a combination of these personality types but at varying levels depending on the field you decided to focus on.  If you enjoy data gathering so much, then you may excel at majoring in data collection.

What Problem Do you Want to Solve?

Data science is all about problem-solving using data. When coming into data science you should have a problem-solving mindset to excel. You may think it is just about learning how to operate or use a tool, but it goes beyond that. You need to evaluate your interest in providing solutions to everyday problems and doing so using everyday data. You should ask yourself if you enjoy seeing data, thinking about it for a while, and looking again to see what you can do. To succeed you need to be keen on quickly identifying potentials buried in data and going ahead to test your curiosity using your data tools.

Focusing on the above areas will really help you in preparing and aligning your interest in data science and build up where there are lacks. We hope you will enjoy your journey into all data science has to offer.