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Data Science Program for Women (Special Edition)

January 9, 2023 - April 8, 2023

data science program for women

Data Science Program for Women (DPW) is the initiative of DataLab Nigeria to encourage the enrolment of women in the professional virtual data science internship program. This initiative will offer a 50% reduction in fees to enable women to start a career in Data Science and Business Analytics in 2023 with access to state-of-the-art training and resources.


The program will train women in all the following learning tracks :

  • Building data strategy (Women will learn what data strategy is and how to design one for a business)
  • Statistics for Data Science (Women will understand basic statistics for working with data)
  • Application Programming (They will learn how to build functional web applications for business analytics)
  • DevOps (Women will learn how to use various tools to collaborate on code development, build and deploy applications)
  • Data Mining and Insight Generation (Women will learn how to prepare and sort through large datasets and identify patterns)
  • Machine Learning (They will learn how to use data to build machine learning models that can solve real-world problems)
  • Data visualization and Story Telling (They will perform visual analytics using business intelligence tools for dashboard development).
  • Working with SQL Databases (They will be introduced to various databases and integrate their application development with database querying)


Benefits of This Program

  1. Training to be facilitated by our Data Scientists in the U.K and Nigeria.
  2. Hands-on collaborative projects (we have some company projects for you to work on)
  3. Individual real-life projects
  4. Live online training sessions (Instructors join live every week to train you).
  5. Real-life scenarios and opportunities to work on industry-relevant projects
  6. Career coaching for Data Science and AI jobs abroad and in Nigeria (we don’t directly give jobs, but we train you to get one)
  7. A professional portfolio that you can use to apply for jobs
  8. Access to World Class Learning Resources from DataLab
  9. Training Certificate and Recommendation/Reference Letter for Job/Study.
  10. CV Coaching and Jobs Newsletters.

Who can take this course?

  • Women aspiring for a Career in Data Science and Artificial Intelligence in 2023
  • Women who want to become Data Scientists, Data Analysts and Business Analyst
  • Women who want to migrate or study Data Science for employability in a new country
  • Women Professionals and Students looking to enter the Data Science industry in Nigeria
  • Women who are passionate about the tech industry
  • Women who are in need of financial assistance (fee reduction)


  • You don’t any background in programming or computer science to start this program
  • This Program teaches you from basic to advanced
  • Basic computer literacy is required
  • Access to a good laptop is required because courses are FULLY ONLINE
  • Availability 3 times per week in evening times (8 pm – 10 pm)
  • Commitment to undertake a 3-month-long course
  • Ability to finance the remaining 50% of your Subsidized Program fee at once



Building Data Strategy

  1. Developing an Analytical Mindset
  2. Understanding Elements of Data Strategy for Business

Statistics for Data Science

  1. Peer Reading Project and Presentations

Application Programming (Python)

  1. Understanding Python
  2. Writing Clean Codes
  3. Data Types and Variables
  4. Conditional Statements
  5. Lists and Loops
  6. List Comprehension
  7. Basic to Advanced Functions
  8. Dictionaries
  9. DevOps with Git and GitHub
  10. Building your First Python Application

Python For Data Science

Numeric operations with Numpy

Data Manipulation with Pandas 1 & 2

Data Wrangling, Exploratory Data Analysis and Regex

State-of-the-Art Data Cleaning Techniques

Data Visualizations 1 & 2

Introduction to Machine Learning for Real World Problems

Selected Industry Practical Projects using Machine Learning (Regression, Classification, Time Series e.t.c.)

Deploying Machine Learning Model as Web Application



  1. Introduction to Data Visualization and Power BI
  2. Data Preprocessing and Transformation in Power BI
  3. Introduction to Relationships and Model
  4. More on Data Preprocessing and Transformation
  5. Introduction to DAX, measures and calculated columns.
  6. Creating Stunning Visualizations and Dashboards for Business Intelligence



  1. Introduction to Relational Database Management System
  2. Hands-on my MySQL Database
  3. Creating SQL Database
  4. Grouping and Summarizing Data with SQL
  5. Using SQL to Select Data from More Than One Table
  6. Grouping and Summarizing Data with SQL
  7. Using SQL to Select Data from More Than One Table
  8. Joining SQL Tables
  9. Managing  SQL Tables
  10. Using SQL Views
  11. Using SQL Sub-Queries
  12. Using SQL to Insert Data
  13. Using SQL to Update Data
  14. Using SQL to Delete Data
  15. Using SQL Transactions


Meet your Head Instructor



MODE: ONLINE LIVE CLASSES (Instructor teaches Live from the U.K and Nigeria)

TIME: 8 pm Thursday, Friday and Saturday Every Week.


CURRENT FEE: N75,000 (Subsidized (50% OFF), Originally N150,000). 




Please Begin your Application Early: Be rest assured that we will contact you later concerning your application. Please Note: We will stop applications if we noticed that applications are much and we won’t be able to manage the class. Please bear with us and apply early.



January 9, 2023
April 8, 2023
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