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Data Science Program for Women (Special Edition)

January 9 April 8

data science program

Data Analytics and Business Intelligence Program for Women is a dedicated initiative aimed at promoting the inclusion of women in professional digital skills training. This comprehensive support program has been designed to substantially reduce training costs, making it more accessible for women, and paving the way for them to embark on rewarding careers in data-related fields in the year 2024.

We firmly believe in the transformative power of digital skills for women, as they not only empower them but also unlock high-paying career opportunities. Data analytics and business intelligence are particularly promising, offering a gateway to lucrative and fulfilling career paths.

This program is committed to providing women with top-tier training in some key tracks, expert guidance, and mentorship, all without imposing financial burdens, thus enabling them to pursue their new career aspirations in the year 2024.

The program will train women in ONE of the following learning tracks (at more than 60% Discount) :

Healthcare Analytics Track

The Healthcare Analytics program is tailored to provide hands-on experience in health data analysis, healthcare analytics dashboards, medical image analysis, and data visualizations.

You will also leverage cutting-edge predictive machine learning (ML) tools to draw insights from historical health data to make informed predictions about a patient’s future health based on their medical history. You will harness the potential of electronic health records to enhance your understanding of public health.

Your projects will encompass end-to-end solutions, bridging data analysis and machine learning, to tackle a wide spectrum of healthcare analytics tasks. Whether you are automating health insights, optimizing healthcare delivery, or aiding in the identification of personalized therapy options based on a patient’s historical health data, this track option will provide you with the practical experience and expertise to make meaningful contributions to the healthcare sector as a professional Healthcare Analyst or Health Data Scientist.

Business Data Analysis and Project Management Track

Course Outline:

Part 1: Fundamentals of Business Analysis (5 Weeks)

Week 1: Introduction to Business Analysis

Understanding the role of a business analyst
Key concepts and terminology in business analysis
Week 2: Requirements Gathering and Documentation

Techniques for gathering and documenting business requirements
Hands-on practice with real-world scenarios
Week 3: Process Modeling and Improvement

Process modeling techniques (e.g., BPMN)
Identifying opportunities for process improvement
Week 4: Stakeholder Management

Managing and communicating with stakeholders effectively
Techniques for eliciting and managing stakeholder requirements
Week 5: Business Analysis Tools and Software

Introduction to common business analysis software and tools
Hands-on training with selected tools
Part 2: Data Analysis for Business Insights (5 Weeks)

Week 6: Introduction to Data Analysis

Overview of data analysis concepts
Introduction to data analysis software (e.g., Excel, SQL)
Week 7: Data Collection and Preprocessing

Data collection methods and best practices
Data cleaning and preprocessing techniques
Week 8: Data Visualization and Reporting

Visualizing data for insights
Creating clear and compelling reports
Week 9: Advanced Data Analysis Techniques

Advanced analysis methods, including predictive analytics
Applying data insights to support decision-making
Week 10: Business Analysis Project

Apply business analysis and data analysis skills to a real-world project
Present findings and insights to the class


Benefits of This Program

  1. Training to be facilitated by our Data Scientists in the U.K and Nigeria.
  2. You will receive close mentorship from professionals
  3. Hands-on collaborative projects (we have some company projects for you to work on)
  4. Individual real-life projects
  5. Live online training sessions (Instructors join live every week to train you).
  6. Real-life scenarios and opportunities to work on industry-relevant projects
  7. Career coaching for Data Science and AI jobs abroad and in Nigeria (we don’t directly give jobs, but we train you to get one)
  8. A professional portfolio that you can use to apply for jobs
  9. Access to World Class Learning Resources from DataLab
  10. Training Certificate and Recommendation/Reference Letter for Job/Study.
  11. CV Coaching and Jobs Newsletters.


Who can take this course?

  • Women aspiring for a Career in Data Analytics, Data Science and Artificial Intelligence in 2023
  • Women who want to become Data Scientists, Data Analysts and Business Analyst
  • Women who want to migrate or study Data Science for employability abroad
  • Women Professionals and Students looking to enter the Data Science industry in Nigeria and abroad
  • Women who are passionate about the tech industry
  • Women who are in need of financial assistance (fee reduction)



  • You don’t any background in programming or computer science to start this program
  • This Program teaches you from basic to advanced
  • Basic computer literacy is required
  • Access to a good laptop is required because courses are FULLY TAUGHT LIVE ONLINE
  • Availability 3 times per week in the evening times (8 pm – 10 pm)
  • Commitment to undertake a 3-month-long course
  • Ability to finance the remaining of your subsidized fee



This course equips you with skills in the python programming language. You will be able to understand problems through data and build machine-learning models to solve practical problems. We teach with state-of-the-art resources and international exposure.


  • Statistics for Data Science
  • Git and GitHub for Version Control
  • Data Types, Arithmetic Operations, Python Lists, and List Comprehension
  • Conditional Statements (If Else, Elif, For Loops and While Loops)
  • Python Function Basics to Advanced
  • Project Design
  • Building and Deploying your First Python Application
  • Working with Numpy
  • Working with Pandas 1 & 2
  • Data Quality Assessment, Cleaning, Transformation and Reduction 1 & 2
  • Exploratory Data Analysis (EDA)
  • Data Visualization
  • Reading Data from SQL Databases using Python
  • Data Science in Industries
  • Introduction to Machine Learning and Machine Learning Algorithms
  • Introduction to Deep Learning and Advances in Deep Learning
  • Machine Learning with Regression
  • Machine Learning with Classification
  • Time Series Modeling
  • Final Industry Project


You will master Power BI to design a fully interactive dashboard and gain powerful insights from data visualizations. You will master Basic to Advanced Power BI to become a business intelligence expert.


  • Introduction to Power BI for Decision Intelligence.
  • Data Preprocessing and Transformation in Power BI.
  • Introduction to Relationships and Model.
  • More on Data Preprocessing and Transformation.
  • Introduction to DAX, measures and calculated columns.
  • Creating Data Intelligent Visualization Reports and Dashboards.



SQL is the language of databases. This course will equip you with practical skills in working with a popular database. You will learn how to query databases, extract data and transform data for further analysis.


  1. Introduction to Relational Database Management System
  2. Hands-on my MySQL Database
  3. Creating SQL Database
  4. Grouping and Summarizing Data with SQL
  5. Using SQL to Select Data from More Than One Table
  6. Grouping and Summarizing Data with SQL
  7. Using SQL to Select Data from More Than One Table
  8. Joining SQL Tables
  9. Managing  SQL Tables
  10. Using SQL Views
  11. Using SQL Sub-Queries
  12. Using SQL to Insert Data
  13. Using SQL to Update Data
  14. Using SQL to Delete Data
  15. Using SQL Transactions



MODE: ONLINE LIVE CLASSES (Instructors teaches Live from the U.K and Nigeria) and mentors students CLOSELY.

TIME: 8 pm Thursday, Friday and Saturday Every Week and Very Welcoming!


CURRENT FEE: N75,000 (Subsidized to support female gender participation, originally N200,000). 

YOUR APPLICATION: Be rest assured that we will contact you before your program start (by Email and Text Message). Note: We will stop applications 3 days before the program start date. Please bear with us and apply now.


January 9
April 8
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