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Data Science Internship Abuja

January 10, 2022 - March 18, 2022

data science internship

Data science internship is aimed at transiting you into the data science profession. It is a highly intensive and job-ready training that will introduce you to data exploration, analysis, visualization, machine learning and model deployment to make you an all-around data analytics professional.

This internship is carefully planned to train you for 3 major career roles:



Project-Based Learning

This data science training is fully project-oriented, you will learn to work on practical projects that would be attractive to hiring managers or form a strong portfolio for you. Some areas of product development at DataLab include the following:

  • Artificial intelligence Chatbot
  • Business Intelligence Dashboards
  • Customer Segmentation and Product Recommendation
  • Time Series Modelling and Forecasting
  • Anomaly Detection with Machine Learning
  • Natural language Processing for Intelligent Systems
  • Mobile and Web Application Development for Data Solutions
  • Data Science for Cybersecurity


Data Science Tools you will Learn:

  1. Python Programming
  2. R Programming
  3. SQL
  4. Microsoft Power BI



data science internship

Mapping Data Strategy to Real Problems

  1. Developing an Analytical Mindset
  2. Understanding Data Strategy
  3. Data Science Project Planning
  4. Stakeholders Engagement

Python Programming

This course equips you with skills in python programming language. You will be able to understand problems through data and build machine learning models to solve problems from diverse fields from health, finance, marketing, business, etc.


Python Programming from Scratch

  1. Data Types and Variables
  2. Control Flow with Conditionals
  3. Lists and Loops
  4. Functions
  5. Python Dictionaries

Data Science with Python

  1. Working with arrays and matrices with Numpy
  2. Data Manipulation with Pandas
  3. General Data Processing in Python
  4. Data Cleaning Essentials for Building Predictive Models with Python
  5. Introduction to Machine Learning Algorithms
  6. Selected Practical Projects using Machine Learning with Supervised and Unsurpervised Algorithms
  7. Deploying Machine Learning Model as Web Application (Final Project)


R Programming

R is a powerful tool for data science. You will learn the basic to advanced R programming which will enable you to implement sophisticated data mining and deploy interactive machine learning-powered dashboards.


  1. Basic and Logical Operations in R
  2. Data Cleaning and Exploration using R
  3. Interactive Data Visualizations with Plotly in R
  4. Machine Learning Projects in R (Classification and Regression)
  5. Model Evaluations and Result Interpretation
  6. Deploying Machine Learning Model as Web Application using R Shiny (Final Project)



You would master Power BI to design a fully interactive dashboard and gain powerful insights from data visualizations. You will master Basic to Advanced Power BI to become a business intelligence expert.


  1. Introduction to Data Visualization and Power BI
  2. Data Preprocessing and Transformation in Power BI
  3. Introduction to Relationships and Model
  4. More on Data Preprocessing and Transformation
  5. Introduction to DAX, measures and calculated columns.
  6. Creating Stunning Visualizations and Dashboards (Project)



This course provides a comprehensive study of the language of relational databases: Structured Query Language (SQL).

SQL is the language of database and a MUST know for every Data Scientists. This course will equip you with practical skills in working with a popular database to extract, transform and load data from the database.


  1. Introduction to Relational Database Management System
  2. Hands-on my MySQL Database
  3. Creating SQL Database
  4. Grouping and Summarizing Data with SQL
  5. Using SQL to Select Data from More Than One Table
  6. Grouping and Summarizing Data with SQL
  7. Using SQL to Select Data from More Than One Table
  8. Joining SQL Tables
  9. Managing  SQL Tables
  10. Using SQL Views
  11. Using SQL Sub-Queries
  12. Using SQL to Insert Data
  13. Using SQL to Update Data
  14. Using SQL to Delete Data
  15. Using SQL Transactions


WORK ON REAL PROJECTS: You will work on real practical data science projects helping our team build a data science solution as your final project at DataLab. Most of our solutions were built by past interns during their time with us, which also form their work portfolio.


GAIN WORK EXPERIENCE: We have a research in-house team you can join while learning

You can join our team of data scientists working on various data science solutions to gain work experience. You can also request a recommendation or reference letter from us afterward for your career move.


ACCESS TO OUR NEW DATA SCIENCE BOOKS: We have new and state-of-the-art books in our library on various areas of Artificial intelligence and data science. What this means is that you will learn with the best resources used in world-class institutions.



What else will I get?

Training from Professional Trainers:

Datalab Consultants have been implementing professional data science solutions across a range of fields. We teach from sound experience which directly informs our course content.

Course Completion Certificate:

After completing this training you will receive DataLab Certification.

Support and Career Advice:

We would also expose you to local, remote and foreign data science job opportunities.


Our past interns have completed projects like:

Artificial Intelligence Powered ChatBot for Business Customer Service Automation

Prediction of Property Prices in Lagos using Machine Learning

R Shiny Analytics Dashboards

Company Sales forecasting using Artificial Neural Networks

Business Intelligence Dashboards using Power BI

Product Recommendation for Customers using Recommender Systems

Understanding Customers using Machine Learning Segmentation

Time Series forecasting

Sentiment Analysis on Brand Perceptions

Customer Complaints Understanding and Classification using Machine Learning Natural Language Processing

Classification Algorithms to predict loan default for a Financial Sector


 OUR INTERNS PROJECT:  Machine Learning Clustering Dashboard for Lagos Real Estate



Course Fee: N200,000 (Payable in Two Equal Installments)

Location: Our Training Centre in Abuja

Duration: 3 Months

Schedule: 3 times weekly (Monday, Wednesday and Thursday).

NOTE: Students do not need any prior coding experience to pursue this program.



We understand that coming to a new big city or living in a capital city like Abuja, there are many things for you to enjoy. You would retire for a day’s trip with your colleagues to top tourist destinations in Abuja to give you that pleasant memory of coming to DataLab. We would plan this for FREE.



Not going to make it to Abuja? Enroll for the Same Internship Virtually: Check here


FILL THE FORM BELOW TO ENROLL. Don’t Panic, we will get back to you via phone call and email (Always check your email spam folder also).




January 10, 2022
March 18, 2022
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Datalab Training Centre
Suite 33 Mazfalah Plaza
Karu Site Round-About Abuja, F.C.T 23401 Nigeria


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