Digital Marketing Driven by Data

Digital marketing is now data-centric, and more businesses are now using data insights to drive their marketing campaigns and make everyday business decisions. In this article, we explain how you can use data insights to drive your business growth through data-centric decisions and real-time intelligence.

Product Design and Service Offering

Data insights can help you understand how your customers are using your product or service, or which parts of your product or service they are most interested in. You can set up web analytics to track customers’ interaction with your online store and their reviews. This can give you the data you need to help you in your marketing, product design, or service offering which can lead to increased engagement, sales or repeat purchases.

Optimization of Ads Campaigns

You can also use data insights to optimize your digital marketing ads to make them customer-centric and personalized. This means your ads will be relevant to people who are likely to buy your product or service. Optimizing ads with data insights on customers not only gives a high return on the marketing budget spent but also gives you customers who are more likely to engage in repeat buying since your service or product matches their needs.

Improve Customer Experience

Data insights can help to improve customer experience through better insights into what kinds of content resonate most strongly with consumers (and why) or what are the pain points of your customers or their expectations. You will gain powerful insights into the minds of your customers and be able to deliver to their expectations. A company that uses data insights in digital marketing is more likely to have low customer churn and high customer acquisition and retention rates.


Data can be used for forecasting; this will generate insights into knowing future trends in product or service demand or changes in customers’ buying habits which you can factor into your digital marketing campaigns, product design, or service offering. You can also use data insights to unveil future risks the business might have to deal with and to be better prepared for them with a minimum negative impact on the business.

Improved Supply Chain

Your business may need to deliver products to end-users through a series of marketing channels. Data insights can help you fill orders on time and help in identifying trends based on the number of orders from different online platforms and how best to prioritize customers across your different digital marketing platforms.


Making your customers happy is good for the long-term success of your company. You need to start generating customer data and using data insights in your digital marketing campaigns, product design, or service offering.