DataHack4FI Comes to Nigeria

DataHack4FI now in Nigeria!

Are you a data enthusiast?: An individual with an interest in pursuing a career in data science or data analytics and keen to learn more about data


Are you an emerging tech company?: An emerging business that has an innovative technology product or service in the market and that collects data to better serve the market and your customers

The DataHack4FI Innovation Competition now is in Nigeria. It promotes the use of data and analytics to solve business problems.

The competition encourages Pan-African collaboration by creating opportunities for data enthusiasts and emerging tech companies to partner in developing solutions that address local financial and economic inclusion-related challenges.

Building on the previous seasons of the competition, Season 3 of DataHack4FI, serves as a platform for each participating team to showcase the solution they develop to potential investors, partners and clients (while vying for the overall cash prize). Data enthusiasts and emerging tech companies from Ghana, Kenya, Nigeria, Rwanda, South Africa, Uganda and Zambia are invited to APPLY

Participating tech companies will be paired with a data enthusiast and these teams will have access to mentorship from data science and business experts during the competition. Teams will need to engage with relevant data to design innovative products/services, which will be judged during the in-country finals.