Data Science Training: Make the Most out of it

Data science training prepares you for an interesting and lucrative job if you love working with data. There are plenty of ways for you to get started and put yourself on the path to a successful career. Here are some important tips for you:

Take time to learn about the field

Read books and articles about data science use cases, techniques and implementations. Try out some of the tutorials that are available online, or even better go for a data science training or Bootcamp, work on projects that help you apply what you have learned from those tutorials or training. At DataLab Nigeria, you will work on some practical projects while you learn to add up to your portfolio by the time you leave us.

Get experience working with data

After your data science training, you can look at getting a part-time job working at an analytics company or taking on freelance work for someone who does have experience working with data. Whatever it is that you choose for this step, make sure that it’s something where you will be directly involved with the analysis process itself not just providing support for someone else who works with data.

Get more training

Data science is a life-long learning field with many use cases. You can take your skill further by learning-related technologies that also strive on data such as cloud computing, recommendation systems, google or adobe analytics, web analytics, cybersecurity analytics, marketing analytics, etc.

Find a Data Science Mentor/Coach

Mentors don’t just help guide you through your career path; they also provide support and encouragement when things get difficult (which they inevitably will). You will want to find someone who is very knowledgeable about data science, and who has been executing data science projects or managing a data science team. They will be willing to help clear your doubt, chart your career path and help you succeed.