Data Science Portfolio that Attracts Attention

Data science portfolio is now a major thing. Companies hiring process is moving from the contemporary curriculum vitae or resumes to work portfolios.

Data Science Portfolio can simply be put as proof of data-related work or skill set which can be in form of source codes, online dashboards, articles, research papers, prototype web applications, or other working applications.

Most local and international hiring processes now involve technical tasks where you need to prove your competency through job coding tasks or via a portfolio of work done.  A lot of times certificates may not be a major criterion to land a job; you may need to showcase your practical skills by showcasing your work portfolio rather. Your portfolio shows that you have embarked on end-to-end data science projects, research tasks, or personal projects thereby giving you a higher chance of landing your dream data science job.

So, in this post, we listed out few ways to establish a professional data science portfolio that attracts attention.                                                                                                 

1. Create a GitHub Account

The majority of people who have done interviews especially in the technology sector were asked about their GitHub account, it is a platform where you can push your codes as well as have someone collaborate with you on your project seamlessly. Regularly update your account on GitHub, you can use the read me to write a bio as this will enable recruiters to know about what you have worked on.

2. Create and Build your LinkedIn Profile

LinkedIn is a sure way recruiters are getting in touch with employees, so it is advisable you follow the trend, create an account, optimize your LinkedIn profile so that you can be seen when recruiters search for your skill sets. Another thing to do as icing on the cake is to share publicly the projects you have done to keep people updated about your career progression or personal development.

3. Build Small or Pet projects

It is highly advisable that you take up personal projects on your own and build something unique and meaningful. This could be downloading and analyzing your Whatsapp chat data and reporting on the weekly or monthly trend. You can also curate your own data or business data and use data science techniques in analyzing it.

4. Create a Website for your Projects

You can create a website and host your work. There are a lot of free platforms where you can host your portfolio for free such as HEROKU, NETLIFY ETC as well as a platform where you can build a mini-website such as LINKTREE, MILKSHAKE APP, DISHA , CARRD.IO, etc.

5. Join Data Science Community or Participate in Hackathons: Find a local data science community or participate in competitions or hackathons to show you are progressive in your learning or can take on challenges. This may attract and excite hiring managers.


A Data science portfolio will help recruiters to spot you easily from the certificate-waving crowds and establish you as an authority in data science in no time.