Data Science in a Career: How to Kickstart

Data Science in a career is achievable. If you are interested in applying data science to your career or starting a fresh career driven by data, there are plenty of ways to get started and put yourself on the path to a successful career. Here are some tips:

First, take time to Learn about the Field

Read books and articles about data science. Try out some free tutorials that are available online to get a feel of the field, tools, and how it works. You can also learn about different problems you can solve using data science in your field or in a field you may want to transition to.

Get Experience Working in a Data-Driven Company or Attend Training Programs

This could mean getting a volunteering job working at a company where data-driven technology is been used or undergoing a training program. Whatever it is that you choose for this step, make sure that it’s something where you will be directly involved with the analysis process itself—not just providing support for someone else who works with data. You can also try taking part in an internship program or Bootcamp. This will give you real-world experience to learn well and fast.

Find a Mentor in Data Science

Mentors don’t just help guide you through your career path; they also provide support and encouragement when things get difficult (which they inevitably will). You will want to find someone who is knowledgeable about your industry as well as how data science is been applied in your industry. Someone who can show career progression in the application of data science.

Apply the Skills to your Industry

While learning data science, start thinking about what you can apply the skill to in your current field. The truth is that you don’t need to leave your current field to become a Data Scientist. Data science is a generic field that cuts across various sectors such as language, arts, science, business, tech, sports Start by being creative and look for existing applications of data science in the field where you are and how you can creatively apply it also to create solutions to existing problems in your field. Solving problems using your data science skills can bring a lot of fulfillment that can propel you further in the field.