Artificial Intelligence in Health-Care

Artificial Intelligence in Healthcare comprises of application of machine learning and data science which are three concepts that work hand in hand. Artificial intelligence means to create a machine that works makes analyses and inferences on its own. Machine learning focuses on algorithms to learn from data (structured or unstructured) to gather insights and make predictions, Data Science is the extraction of useful insights from data. The application of these principles can be found in different fields like Agriculture, Transport system, Medicine, banking, fashion, social media, etc. Artificial Intelligence. Artificial Intelligence has changed the decision-making pattern in Industries and machine learning is a technique that is used to make predictions that is about a product and its likelihood to still exist in the future.

Artificial Intelligence has made a tremendous leap in the medical field, from simple tasks to complex activities from the efficient data collection and analyses of patient’s medical history, to virtual nurses which are usually a chatbox or an application that interacts with patients as if it were real doctors. There is the use of health monitoring trackers like Fitbit that monitors a patients’ heart rate, blood pressure, temperature and other activities of the body. The health monitoring trackers can send alerts to the users on more information about their health like when to exercise more, rest or take a cup of water and can also share information to the doctors to see their patient’s needs and habits (usually used by patients with high cholesterol, diabetes or those working on their weight). There is also the use of AI in imaging to improve the detection of cancerous or abnormal cells in the body and heart conditions.

There are different types of imaging tests like CT scans, X-ray, MRI and echocardiograms, and in analyzing some of these scans, the doctors are prone to human errors of misdiagnosis by reading the available data wrongly and that’s why there is ongoing research to design an AI technology that can accurately and efficiently read these Imaging data. AI technology is created using an algorithm and this technology learns as scientists feed them with hundreds or thousands of images of mammograms and thereby training the technology to recognize patterns faster than a human could. This dataset that algorithm depends on is gotten from different records of patients from various hospitals and medical backgrounds. Artificial Intelligence is truly the future. It will get to a point and time in the field of Medicine whereby cancerous cells can be detected at least 4 to 5 months before it emerges in the body.