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We are top data science company in Nigeria. We mine, clean, manipulate, analyze and generate actionable insights from big data. Our expertise span across tools such as R and Python programming, SPSS, SQL, TABLEAU, Nvivo, STATA, Power BI, Excel e.tc.

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Top data science company in Nigeria

We are top data science company in Nigeria. We mine, clean, manipulate, analyze and generate actionable insights from big data. Our expertise span across tools such as R and Python programming, SPSS, SQL, TABLEAU, Nvivo, STATA, Power BI, Excel e.tc.

Our Professional Courses

Data Science Training with R

Data science with R professional training is a hot-in-demand statistical programming language that helps manage, analyze and visualize big data.

Data Science Training with Python

Data science with python training exposes you to python programming for data analysis, visualization, machine learning and artificial intelligence.

Data Analysis using SPSS

Data Analysis using SPSS trains data analyst, academic researchers and other data handlers how to analyze and interpret data.

Data Analysis Training using STATA

Data Analysis Training using STATA is statistical software training that uses powerful syntax to run data analysis.

SQL for Data Science

SQL for Data Science training entails writing database queries, including basic and advanced Selects, Joins and Subqueries to retrieve data.

Qualitative Data Analysis Using Nvivo

Qualitative Data Analysis Using Nvivo is a training on analysing qualitative data such as interviews and open-ended surveys.

Data visualization with Tableau

Data visualization with Tableau training trains you how to create beautiful data visualizations and derive actionable insights from it.

Data Analysis with Power BI

Data Analysis with Power BI  will help you visualize, share insights and to transform data for business intelligence.

Our Data & AI Services

Machine Learning Predictive Services

Our machine learning predictive models are aimed at predicting customer buying, fraud detection, loan risk, health and policy outcomes.

Data Visualization Consulting Services

Our data visualization services help find patterns in your data to help you accurately forecast your market demand and customer behaviour.

Business Data Analytics Services

Our business data analytics help you gain useful insight out of raw data. Transform your business data into powerful insights for strategizing.

Upcoming Events

  1. data science training in Nigeria

    Data Science Internship

    October 7 - December 14
  2. Microsoft Power BI Training

    October 18 - October 19
90 People Trained
4060 Courses Hours
40 Clients Served
15 Awards

What Else We OFFER

Website Design

Website design is one of our core areas of expertise. If you love our website, you will love our work.

Digital Marketing and Analytics

Digital marketing and analytics to boost your company's marketing strategy using real-time customer data.

Search Engine Optimization

Using Search Engine Optimization best practices we can help position your website for easy discovering online

Business Analytics

Our Business Intelligence and Analytics explores your company’s data and draws out useful insights.

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Data analysis skill is the New Gold, so we thrive to equip individuals, companies, institutions and NGOs with skills in handling data, to analyze and draw out useful insights to improve performance or study trends.


DataLab training is a milestone for me in becoming a professional data scientist. I recommend them.

Data Analyst @ Freelance

I became a Data Analyst in less than 24 hours in using SPSS!! Thanks to DataLab Nigeria.

Data Analyst @ Webkit Solutions

Data is GOLD. Analyzing it is now much simpler with the help of professionals at DataLab Nigeria.

CEO @ Loyal Consult

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Data Science Abuja Meetup

Data Science Abuja meetup is an initiative of Datalab. It is a gathering of data science enthusiasts and professionals in a wonderful session of learning, sharing and fun in the city of Abuja

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